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Day 1 - Mon, April 15

Linda Star Wolf, PhD

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Soul Whispering Audio Tracks

These five audio tracks are guided meditations and journeys focused on moving you from cognitive mind,into your intuitive mind–awakening your shamanic consciousness. Prepare for each experience by creating a distraction free comfortable space, either lying or sitting. The narrative on the audio tracks will guide you into experiences with both spoken words and music designed to guide, activate and enhance your experience. These audio tracks are not for easy listening nor to be used while driving or handling machinery.

Day 2 - Tue, April 16

Dr. Jane Simington, PhD

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Challenging and enmeshed relationships create energetic attachments, called psychic cords. These cords keep us tied to the energies of others and through these cords our own precious energies are drained. During this guided journey you cut all psychic cords between you and others. This empowering action frees you to be in charge of your own life, using your energies to create the life you are meant to live.

Day 3 - Wed, April 17

Andrew Hahn, Psy.D.

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A simple and effective method to heal your anxiety. Get our Dealing with Anxiety PDF when you subscribe to our mailing list at

Day 4 - Thu, April 18

Stel Fine, M.A.

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Inner Bonding® Free 7-Day Course

Day 5 - Fri, April 19

Colette Liose, Tapngrl

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Offering a special summit discount of 50% off on a 30 minute private session. A $50 value for only $25.   Go to , subscribe and send a note stating that you came from this Quantum Recovery Summit in message section.  (ADDITIONALLY, the first 5 subscribers receive a free 30 minute session.)

This offer is good till May 10, 2019.

Day 6 - Sat, April 20

Susan Jenkins

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Two Powerful Shamanic Journeys & Purifying Rainbow Clearing

Join Susan for Medicine Teachings and Shamanic Journeys to Butterfly (Transformation & Transmutation) and Red Tailed Hawk (Messenger of Spirit). Bonus gift: A guided Rainbow Light meditation.

Day 7 - Sun, April 21

Candess Campbell, Phd, LMHC, CDP

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Sign up to "4 Ways to Develop your Clairvoyance"


Day 8 - Mon, April 22

Brad Yates

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Tapping into Abundance

In this powerful  audio recording, you will be guided through exercises - using both meridian tapping and guided imagery - to help you experience an even greater abundance of health, wealth and happiness in your life.

Day 9 - Tue, April 23

Sarah-Jane Farrell

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Take the ACE test to assess your degree of Adverse Childhood Experiences

Let yourself sign up to take the ACE test and find your score, as well as allow you to examine your resilience.

Day 10 - Wed, April 24

Sherry Gaba, LCSW

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Eliminating limiting beliefs quiz and E-book

Give focus to your recovery journey and take this quiz and receive this enlightening book.

Day 11 - Thu, April 25

Guy du Plessis, MA

Day 12 - Fri, April 26

Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D.

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“Listen to Positive Self-Talk Sessions” FREE for 30 days. The best way to change your old, harmful self-talk is by daily listening to positive self-talk sessions that will help you change and succeed. lets you stream positive self-talk on any subject directly to your phone or listening device.

Day 13 - Sat, April 27

Dianne Porchia, MA, DMBM

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If you have never worked with Porchia before, this is your special chance to receive a

1-hour phone consultation with Porchia for a 50% DISCOUNT

Porchia is reserving a limited number of dates in April and May for your 1-hour phone consultation for only $112 (Normally $225)


After you receive your discounted phone session you can save another $300 OFF the full price of the Aspen Wellness Retreat with an extended registration date of May 20, 2019, for a shared 2-queen bedroom in shared 2 bedroom condo. with this special offer only.

Discounted Phone Sessions in April & May


Discounted Aspen Retreat

When You Register Before May 20

Regular Price $4600 p/p insures you get a king bedroom & bath all to yourself.

Special Offer $300 Discount - You Pay Only $4300

For double queen or single bed room with private bathroom


Register a third friend together to share your double queen or twin bed room

Life In Balance Wellness Retreat

September 14 - 20, 2019 6 nights / 7 days in Aspen, Colorado

Special Offer Registration

Special Offer Phone Session

Day 14 - Sun, April 28

Nikόlaus Wolf, M.A.

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Day 15 - Mon, April 29

Mary McGraw Gordon, MA, LAADC, ICAADC

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Day 16 - TUE, April 30

Rebecca Whitman

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Day 17 - WED, May 1

Margery Segal

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Freebee link scroll down page and sign in:

Birth Itself Is Not Necessarily Traumatic

Day 18 - THU, May 2

Mary McGraw Gordon, MA, LAADC, ICAADC

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Day 19 - FRI, May 3

Joan Beckett

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Enneagram Point Determination - Take Our Test

We offer you a 90 question, yes/no test to determine your Enneagram point. While the test is fairly accurate, it is always important to follow up by reading about the points and determining for yourself if you agree with the assessment. Enjoy the discovery process!

Day 20 - SAT, May 4

Jim LaPierre LCSW CCS

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50% Discount discount on programs on

And free access to several informational Recovery films.

Put the email address for

Day 21 - Sun, May 5

Gail Foss interviewed by Tanya Pluckrose

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Morning and Evening guided Meditations & Beauty Blessings Protection Prayer

Listen to the audios here.