Mary McGraw Gordon, MA, LAADC, ICAADC

Mary McGraw Gordon, MA, LAADC, ICAADC

Mary McGraw Gordon, MA, LAADC, ICAADC has served in the addiction field for the past three decades. Mary is an innovative expert on family recovery from addiction and an engaging educator and clinician, providing workshops throughout the US and Canada on issues related to family recovery and creative healing modalities. She is a sought after presenter for conferences, family forums, training and educational sessions.

Mary began her career as a consultant for the Maine Department of Alcohol and Drug Education, providing community prevention programs and education on alcohol and drug abuse. Continuing her journey in the Addiction field she joined with a colleague, mentor and friend Gail Hasey Foss at New Dawn Associates in Bangor, Maine providing individual and group therapy, movement therapy as well as prevention and education groups in the local high schools.

She received expert training at the Caron Foundation using the Sharon Weigschedier-Cruise model of Adult Children of Alcoholics therapy with Claudia Blackburn and Ann Smith. Her passion for family treatment grew as she co- facilitated numerous 11th Step Retreats and ACOA groups while in Maine.

In 1999, Mary moved to California and began working at the Betty Ford Center where she served as the Director of the Betty Ford Center’s critically acclaimed Family Program and Outpatient Services, bringing her passion for family inclusion in the treatment process full circle.

Mary’s vast experience in the treatment field includes counseling, training, group facilitation, program development, and dance movement education. Her upcoming publication of a handbook entitled “Expression of the Twelve Steps through Movement and Dance” offers counselors, therapists and clients an opportunity to utilize the creative arts for expression of the Twelve Steps, thus imprinting on the body healing memories and an alternative focus on the Steps. She has written articles for the American Dance Movement Therapy Association, Renew Magazine, and articles and workshops used at Betty Ford Center for the training of counselors using the arts (movement and music) to help patients and families renew their spirits and lift the shame that accompanies addiction. Her Masters’ Thesis and presentation to her panel included a video demonstration of women moving through trauma, grief, and transition. The work was entitled Sacred Dance as Healing in Community.
Mary is a frequent Presenter at Women’s Conferences throughout the United States and Canada where she offers Creative Movement to participants as well as Family Education and support.
After retiring from Betty Ford Center, Mary continues her passion as a healer/educator providing workshops, lectures, and groups as a consultant, counselor, and dance/movement educator. She has created Woman I Am Renewal Days for recovering women in the Coachella Valley and the greater Los Angeles area and travels to homes providing Family Renewal Intensives supporting families of addicts/alcoholics.

What will you learn:

  1. What are the closed “spaces” in addiction to a chemical or process or behavior that can be released using Movement as a healing tool?
  2. Throughout your work in the field of addiction recovery where have you found the use of movement as a therapeutic tool most impactful?
  3. Any surprising awakenings for you as a healer/therapist over your years of introducing a movement modality in your work with families?


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