Rev. Gail A Foss RN, LADC

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Gail Foss interviewed by Tanya Pluckrose

About Tanya Pluckrose

I am an expert and thought leader on the subject of attracting and retaining high-value clientele. Over the last 20 years, my work has taken me to an estimated 20 different countries, lead teams who addressed the needs of more than 1.3 million diverse VIP customers, safely managed the state-of-the-art A380 aircraft valued in excess of US $375.3M, and a frequent speaker on the fine art of creating and maintaining brand value, especially for luxury brands with high price points.

The Art of Selling to a Woman is my flagship program. I created it out of a growing void in the market to capture the heart and loyalty of a long undervalued demographic, the luxury female consumer. Although women make 85% of all consumer purchases and are projected to earn more than men by 2028, my program focuses more on the brand experience this particular VIP demographic demands.

I am an award-winning instructor and author of international leadership, customer service and brand management programs for Qantas Airlines, having trained and lead more than 10,000 support staff responsible for creating world-class customer experience that is second to none.I frequently lecture on the subject and my first book, The Art of Selling to a Woman, which is scheduled to be published in the United States later this year.

Having attended the University of Queensland in Australia, and received more than 20 certificates and a diploma in the areas of training, leadership, “creating great,” change management, service behaviors, customer service and key performance from TAFE and Qantas College.

Born in South Africa I spent my early childhood there as well as Hong Kong, before taking up residency in Australia. I now live in Southern California.

About Gail Foss

Gail Foss has worked with recovering alcoholics and addicts since 1987 as the Nursing Director of the Chemical Dependency Institute at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor Maine. She realized that the clients with the highest relapse rates were those raised in trauma and abuse with a scarcity of healthy attention to their developmental needs. Their survival skills were honed to genius level, but not helpful in living in a civil society let alone thriving. She began a search for information and attended trainings about treating “Adult Children of Alcoholics.” She became Clinical Director of The Hope House Inc. a free-standing Treatment Program for Alcoholics and became Licensed in Maine as an Alcohol and Addiction Counselor. She opened her own Outpatient treatment program in 1990, in Bangor, where she instituted a free weekly Recovery Drop-in, where she addressed the issues of complicated recovery for persons who suffered from PTSD, attachment issues, scarcity of life narrative, limited personal insight, and a lack of emotional regulation skills. She developed a 9 month long out-patient experiential group that addressed these issues.

She led education programs through MAADAC, (Maine Association of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Counselors). She was secretary of that association in 1997. She facilitated annual 11th Step retreats for recovering Alcoholics as well as for Alanon and ACOA groups from 1989 till present throughout New England. In addition Gail has worked extensively with women in recovery whose recovery has been complicated by a history of sexual and gender abuse. She has had additional training in Energy healing, Reiki, EFT, Psycho Drama, Shamanic Breathwork, Purification Lodges, Shamanic healing practices, movement and art therapy. She is an ordained Minister of Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies.

Gail is bringing together the masters of the many modalities she uses and who have informed her work, in this beautiful free 21 day summit. A true sampling of genius.

She is currently writing a book: Non-Ordinary Recovery, A Shamanic Journey Through the Twelve Steps.

What you will learn:

  1. How are addiction and trauma recovery related?
  2. Once a person is detoxed why isn’t that enough?
  3. Why is addiction called a disease?
  4. what can we become addicted to.
  5. How does it impact the brain? The body? The heart?
  6. What is experiential and expressive therapies.
  7. How do they help one to heal?
  8. Why do positive affirmations or positive self talk work?
  9. What does Shamanic approach mean.
  10. How does Spirituality work to heal body mind and Spirit?


Morning and Evening guided Meditations & Beauty Blessings Protection Prayer

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