Sarah-Jane Farrell

Sarah-Jane Farrell

Sarah-Jane Farrell is fondly know as the Trust Doctor – she is a nervous system specialist and therapeutic coach who helps people and animals release their deepest traumas from their nervous system, allowing them to heal from chronic mental, physical, and emotional conditions. She uses an integrative approach which combines attachment and 5 element theory along with somatic release work and energy healing, to help entrepreneurs and the next wave of thought leaders break through the mental, physical, and emotional blocks that arise when taking big leaps in their businesses.
Sarah-Jane is certified in the field of energy medicine and equine psychotherapy, and has assisted thousands of people and animals return to trust. She’s a speaker and teacher, and has taught at many conferences around the world.

Sarah-Jane Farrell has awakened to the deep connection humans have with animals, and seeks to help spread this awareness and healing wisdom throughout the world. With almost 2 decades of working with thousands of animals and people she continues to teach well-being, balance through integrative medicine and mindfulness for animals and their humans as well as a deeper bond through communication and inspiration.

She also continues to support staff and volunteers at wildlife sanctuaries and animal shelters on how to help the animals they care for, whilst maintaining their own sense of well being through the Trust process, animal communications and body processes.

You will learn:

  1. How the health of the Gut impacts the Head chatter.
  2. Learning the importance of neuro-regulation.
  3. The importance of support when we are in distress and need to be witnessed.
  4. About Epigenetics , once called "junk DNA" and inter-generational trauma


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HOST: Rev. Gail A Foss RN, LADC


3 Guided Meditations : Morning, Evening, Blessing/protection

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